In the past two years, Swift Transportation Company, Inc., has been involved in 1,460 accidents, with 447 resulting in injury and 32 resulting in fatalities, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA). That's approximately 4 accidents everyday for two years.

Here are some examples of Swift Transportation accidents:

- A Swift Transportation truck allegedly crossed a highway median and collided with an SUV in Texas. The Swift 18 wheeler crash killed the driver of the SUV, his 9-year-old daughter and his mother. The Swift Transportation truck accident lawsuit alleged that the company was negligent for failing to properly maintain the tractor-trailer and that the information in the driving logs were falsified. The truck accident attorney settled the lawsuit against the company, with the victim's family being awarded over $1 million.

- In Kansas, a Swift Transportation truck crashed into a car when it ran a stop sign, killing one person and seriously injuring two others. The truck driver allegedly rolled over three sets of rumble strips that are designed to warn motorists of an upcoming intersection with stop signs, then only lightly applied the brakes. The trucking company could not produce the driver's log, documentation that is required to be kept by federal law and that could have proved the driver had been driving more hours than allowed by law.

- A father's 16-year-old son was killed in a car-truck accident. The Swift Transportation wrongful death lawsuit was filed against the company and the driver of the Swift truck. The lawsuit alleged that the driver of the Swift tractor-trailer was speeding, failed to yield to oncoming traffic, and was negligent in regards to safety.

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